Batman’s Blog

Are you curious to know what this blog is all about? After reading the title, I think I already know what you are thinking. Who the heck is this guy, calling himself a Batman? Well, am not a real superhero, however, my actions are more or less similar to one. I am on a mission to stop drunk driving and help my fellow Canadians, who are in need of after-hours liquor delivery.

I’m 32 years old, married guy, working for a credit card acquiring company for about 10 years. Even though I have a job, I have had this wishful thinking of studying harder to get a better job in order to make more money, just like most of my colleagues wanted to, but I could never accumulate enough savings to pay for even a single semester. Moreover, back in 2016, while I was working in the US, 11 months after I got married, I was diagnosed with a rare type of Cancer — DFSP, which burnt a hole in my pocket, and after that, I was never the same person. I started to think harder about where my life is going, am I making enough? Is there a way I can increase my income and make myself financially independent?

I moved to Canada in Dec 2018 and after continuing to work on my primary job for about 2 years, I came across this opportunity to work with Graham Alexander, founder of StayRunners. He got me started immediately after we spoke for about 2 minutes near the secure bike parking in our building. After finishing my bike ride, I came home, called Graham, got a high-level understanding about giving away my own liquor in exchange for a delivery fee. How simple is that? Then, without a second thought, I started liquor delivery from 11 pm to 4 am and made close to $150 every night with just 5-6 deliveries. The adrenaline rush pushed me even further and within a day or two, I realized what I am supposed to do in order to continue to make this much every night. I started buying the right set of items for my inventory every night and guess what, I made a minimum of $100 a night — that’s $3000 a month (Efforts per night = Just 4-5 hours). How awesome is that? You be the judge.

After 5 pm, I’ve always had time for myself, I used to cook dinner, and then I used to spend hours watching TV and reading the news and a few of my favorite books. Literally lived a mundane life like a couch potato, just as most people do. However, I always knew that, at the end of the day, I still had a lot of energy to work on something more valuable than watching TV. I quickly came to realize that, a lot of the things in our lives depend on where we spend our energies. I replaced this time after 5 pm with some activities such as structuring this business plan of late-night beer delivery, cigarette delivery, evaluating profit, and tip distribution using a spreadsheet-based algorithm and also started looking for more people to deliver for us.

Slowly, I started to feel like I own a business of my own, and Graham reinforced that affirmation. My life took a major turn when I got the opportunity to own my business. Now that I’ve got your complete attention, let me tell you much I’ve invested to start this “business”. I know you won’t believe it but I’ve spent literally no money, however, I made some minor changes to my lifestyle — I increased the monthly budget of the liquor that I used to buy for my personal consumption.

I had my own car, Graham calls it the batmobile, and along with that, I had this severe urgency to succeed and take control of my life by using my own car to make more money. As easy as it sounds, taking control of your life and being your own boss requires resilience. A job can give you enough security to lead a life of survival, however, business is something that would give you the ability to feel that financial security. So, I started working harder and within a span of 5 months, I quickly came to realize that I can do much better. I decided to dedicate all my energy to StayRunners operations and, Graham gave me a COO position in the company. Currently, we are interviewing new runners, hiring sales representatives — to be honest, we have a big fat company ready to smash the stock market very soon with this extremely successful business model. I sincerely encourage our new runners to choose entrepreneurship and grow with us as a partner on this journey to success.

Leverage this opportunity to take your life to the next level. Do your affirmations, write down a plan. Now is the time to jot down the real answer for where do you see yourself in 5 years? You write that down and we will help you reach that level.