Cocktail Delivery Isn’t Just for Pandemic

Cocktail Delivery in Pandemic: The government implied many rules and regulations in this pandemic situation and ordered to deliver liquor to the doorstep which was a smart decision.


  1. The Whole New Concept: Friends With Fridges
  2. The Idea Behind Friends & Fridges
  3. Never Run Out of Liquor
  4. Bottom-Line 

People were self quarantined and were not allowed to go out, and this whole new service took a business from ground to top.

Friends with fridges helped people in the pandemic and will continue this service so that when you run out of liquor, you have 24*7 virtual liquor delivery services of friends with fridges.

The Whole New Concept: Friends With Fridges

Bachelors want parties, with loud music, liquors, and debauchery.

When all stores are closed and it’s time to party, The concept of friends with fridges provide you liquors at your doorstep with no extra charges. You can party anytime anywhere.

But due to covid-19, it brings a huge change in everyone’s life but life hasn’t stopped, it keeps going on by adapting to new circumstances and facing new challenges in life.

But everyone wants to light up their mood after a hectic day, some by music, some by dance, and some by parties. 

Cocktail Delivery in Pandemic

If we talk about parties, we think about music and liquor. This whole new concept of friends with fridges spread worldwide wide which made parties never run out of liquor.

The Idea Behind Friends & Fridges

This pandemic covid-19 has shut down the business of night clubs, bars worldwide but people haven’t stopped themselves from consuming liquor.

They started a whole new trend of online parties. Yes! This cannot replace the traditional bar feel but this is the whole new way to give money to bartenders.

Consuming alcohol always has a question in our minds: what to have?

Red or white, shaken or stirred, single-malt or blended, these questions depend upon personal style and preference.

The huge change in the laws and regulations led to a new world where delivering to the doorstep has become a priority. 

Never Run Out of Liquor 

Cocktail Delivery in Pandemic
Cocktail Delivery in Pandemic

Graham Alexander made a change in delivering, you can go liquors for free by just giving delivery charges.

This whole new change in the business led to popularity and the unique thinking brings success to him. Everyone faced difficulties in life due to pandemics and sometimes it gave a positive experience sometimes negative.

The government came up with new laws & regulations to protect public but all were not necessary to protect the public.

Food can be delivered on the doorstep then why would people not ask for beer or liquor on the doorstep


The concept of friends with fridges led this to happen in this covid situation too.

Graham Alexander had this idea to help the people & he hasn’t stopped himself even when he ran out of money. Because he wanted to serve people & this thinking gave height to his business & let him grow once again in life.

This whole pandemic situation brings him down at a moment in time but he believes in his ideas which lets him grow.