Graham Alexander Founder of StayRunners

Graham Alexander Founder of Stayrunners
Founder of StayRunners

Having a nightmare that everything you have is gone forever, isn’t it hard to believe?

The person about whom I am going to talk is the one who lived this nightmare and instead of falling and breaking into parts he comes up with the best.

Yes, he is an attractive personality with the brain and the person is Graham Alexander who is the founder of stayrunners.

Started from the Bottom

Graham Alexander is an erstwhile movie producer, developer of real estate in Vancouver and Tulum, and an electrical engineer who went to UBC. And He comes up with the spectacular concept of friends with fridges which went famous all over Canada.

Have you run out of liquor? Do not worry you have a 24-hour virtual liquor store with them.

Phases of My Life 

From Living a luxurious life to a person who had lived without a penny. When his hotel was taken away by Mexican cartels and to get back his hotel was in hundred million dollars.

When there was no hope and Graham was in anguish and had no one. He went to work for some delivery companies like skipping the dishes, Doorwash, Uber Eats, and Amazon.

While working in these companies, this person utilized his knowledge and came up with a brilliant idea that we need a delivery business and when he was trying to start his company.

He found people who want to buy tobacco and cigarettes or medicines during the day and late-night when all stores are closed they want liquor too. 

Then He comes up with the concept of friends with fridges and now it is spreading across Canada.

Because he understood the concept of people’s needs & came up with a unique idea that led this business idea to grow fast.

He allows them to get their liquor for free in exchange for a delivery fee.

But here comes a different situation in his life when this concept started desperation due to lack of money,

But when you are willing to serve people in something you find a way to do that.

When covid was going all around the demand for liquor, cigarettes and tobacco increased. And to serve people he created a social network on which people can get their products for free in exchange for a delivery fee which was allowing him to sell his products.

It’s Never Too Late

Graham Alexander Vancouver has suffered a lot and never stopped believing in him.

He came up with the wide concept of friends with fridges which is working border to border to serve people.

This is such a wonderful concept that it spread all over Canada. It was a nightmare but he converted it into fairy tales that in the end, everything seems happy.

This person Graham Alexander Vancouver gives motivation to people to never give up in any situation. Stay calm & work on their ideas oneday you will achieve heights & no one will have the power to stop you.