How the Pursuit of a Man of a Women Could be best explained in the form of the connection to the 6th Sense in Human Species

Have you ever wondered why that once a Man is Married or tied down to one partner, that unless your urges to please your women are fullfilled, you find yourself straying your eye and your ambitions of more women or the thought of?

Men are different that women. Men produce Testosterone which increases the release of dopamine, which is also provoked by cannabis intake or THC. Moments before climax, men produce at a maximum level dopamine, which is then released post climax and hence upon release, your body goes to low levels of dopamine again, and then the testosterone starts to slowly build up again.

However to be in touch with the six sense or infinite intelligence in which all masterpieces and creations before their times are invented, all the dopamine build up from testosterone can be diverted and channeled through a mental process, rather than the obtainment of a women, but in pursuing a women and then work to achieve to please that women, even if that women only exists in your mind.

No masterpiece ever created was thought or concieved without the connection with the six sense, which is inspired by women, but more in the pursuit in a women rather than the obtainment thereof.