How to Get The Grocery Delivery Online at Doorstep in Rasdu, Maldives

There are many occasions when we are in need of something but we can’t get it from our desired location and that too at desired time.

And what about the situation when this need is about grocery and that too in places like Rasdu, Maldives.

There is no possibility at all.


Not any more.

Yes, you heard it right. Grocery delivery in Rasdu, Maldives.

This all has been made possible through special services and this trend is going to rise further in the upcoming months.

You must be wondering, how to get the grocery delivered to the doorstep in Rasdu, Maldives?

Well, let us go through this in detail.

About Maldives

The Maldives is all known for its natural beauty. It is all because of the islands. This is the reason why most people who are willing to enjoy their vacations in the open prefer the Maldives. They are motivated to go to the Maldives.

Why do you visit Maldives?

This is also the reason why islands like Rasdu are famous for vacations. After all, it is also the capital of Alif Alif Atoll (Administrative Division of Maldives).

But the only means of transport are Ferry and Speedboats. This means if you urgently require something you can rely on the available items in the hotels or few shops present over there.

This makes you helpless but “Stayrunners” have come up with a solid concept that provides you with 24X7 delivery.

How can Stayrunners help you to get your products?

Stayrunners bring you 24 hours grocery store and that too at your doorsteps. They are not only going to get your list but they are also going to pick it for you. They will send you pictures of the same in order to confirm the right items for delivery. Once your order is confirmed a runner will be assigned to you.

This means you can enjoy your party without any interruption. It doesn’t matter if you want groceries when all stores are closed, or it is late at night, you can get any grocery items, and that too with pay on delivery.

What all you need to do is to name the place and the order you want. This helps to get the cost and time of the delivery. You can do so by visiting or you can go with a Call, Text, or Whatsapp.

You can also order food and other grocery items as well and tell them when else they want to pick it from the store and at what time you want it. Your order will be served hot as their staff is punctual.


There was a time when once the grocery stores got closed you are left with no option rather than to wait for stores to open. But with 24-hour grocery stores, things have changed a lot. You are now in a position to carry on your enjoyment even during the nights. This means you will get groceries on-demand at your doorsteps anytime you want. It doesn’t matter if you pay before or on the delivery.

Graham Gordon Alexander

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