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StayRunners does 24 Hour Liquor Delivery in Vancouver, BC. Now it just happens too often that when you are enjoying some wonderful moments at a friend’s party, wedding, or any event, there is a chance the times are going so well that the liquor runs out. Do you need a Liquor Delivery? Well, It is beyond your control what time it is. It happens to be the time when the liquor stores ran out.

Liquor Delivery in Vancouver? StayRunners is a Virtual Liquor Delivery, Alcohol Delivery, Beer Delivery, Cigarette Delivery, and Weed delivery. Now in Vancouver, BC! StayRunners 24 Hours has Friends with Fridges Network. Friends with Fridges are people who purchased their liquor at a licensed liquor store during normal business hours. Friends with Fridges have some extra liquor available to give away in exchange for a delivery fee.

Liquor Delivery? Not to worry because StayRunners is here for you 24-Hours! You can follow and like our StayRunners Facebook page.

Liquor Delivery
Liquor Delivery


Back at the last supper of Jesus Christ, our Lord had wine. In the scriptures, Jesus said to them that the wine was his blood and let it be poured onto them. Not only that, months before at a wedding of a politician where Jesus was attending, water was turned into wine when the liquor ran out. In other words, it was an after-hours Liquor Delivery in a blessed way.

It also happened in the times of Jesus. According to Luke 1:15 and Mark 1:6, Jesus was gathering with sinners, feasting, and drinking (Matthew 11:18-19). In the bible, it states that the guests were drinking wine in moderation however they simply ran out of wine. Jesus later upon the request of his mother Mary, filled the pots with water which turned into wine.

Jesus kept the good times going. According to Matthew 9:15, Jesus said to them “Can the wedding guests be sad while the groom is with them? The time will come when the groom will be taken away from them, and then they will fast.

At the times of Jesus and at our times, there are restrictions on the times when liquor could be acquired for trade. In Jesus’ times, he turned water into wine, and StayRunners keeps the good times going with friends with fridges who have some extra liquor to give away in exchange for a delivery fee.

The Founder of StayRunners on June 23, 2021, had a conversation with Jesus through meditation and connection with the infinite intelligence. It was that the founder is part of the trinity (as we all are as humans as we are his creation), that he is here to serve God his father, and that he is to send a message to the world of Love and Prosperity, through the water which he turned into wine.


Liquor Delivery
Liquor Delivery

(Image above is a Runner in Victoria, BC with the customer) Note: Liquor, Alcohols, Beers Cigarettes must be over the legal age limit.

Looking for Liquor Delivery in Vancouver? In fact, our Runners will solve it for you!

So I believe that I am solving a community problem in that the Friend with a Fridge does the driving for them. By doing this they are not risking their life or someone else’s after you have had a drink or two and drive. You can also be a Friends with Fridges if you wanted to be our delivery driver.

Friends with Fridges are late-night superheroes. They stock their own top liquor brands in beer, wine, whiskey, vodka, and champagne. When you run out of liquor and need a liquor delivery, look no further than StayRunners, the trusted delivery service.

StayRunners has no liquor, then our platform provides delivery drivers/runners a way to get referrals. A friend with a fridge can be your friend as well, at the same time, they can consume the liquor or give it away with a friend in exchange for a delivery fee. There is currently no regulation in Vancouver for delivery fees. The delivery fee can be as little or as much as the market demands.

StayRunners the best liquor for the last.


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Graham Gordon Alexander

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