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Mega Wine and Spirits Alcohol Delivery 24 Hours Fast to your Door in Miami {2023}

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We can go to Mega Wine and Spirits and when they are closed, Friends with Fridges Alcohol Delivery is The 24 Hour Liquor Store Open Near me or better known as StayRunners – Friends with Fridges. They do liquor delivery, vodka whisky tequila beer wine all the best brands. 

They specialize in beer delivery, alcohol delivery, wine delivery, after hours alcohol, 24 hour alcohol, 24 hour liquor, after hours liquor delivery. It is your Liquor Store Open near me 24 hours.

What is Friends with Fridges?

A Friend with a Fridge is someone who has some extra whisky, liquor, vodka, whisky, beer, wine kicking around their house and apartment. They upload it to the StayRunners platform, and you can ask it to be gifted to you for a tip. Ie, it’s their personal liquor, which they can do one of two things with it: consume it or gift it.

You can meet them at their place or they can bring it to you. It’s up to you and the friend with a fridge.  Friends with Fridges always pick the best brands. Whether it be Titos Vodka, Bud Light Beer, Patron Tequila, or Crown Royal Whisky, you name it, that Friend with a Fridge in Miami.

Some Friends with Fridges have some extra weed kicking around such as Indika, Sativa, and hybrid joints. Of course, you will need to be over 21 years of age, sober, have a doctors perscription, and also you can only have a few ounces of cannabis for personal use in Miami.

Keep the Good Times Going with Friends with Fridges and the 24 Virtual Liquor Store in MIami!
Alcohol – StayRunners Founder Graham Gordon Alexander – Friends with Fridges Keep the Good Times Going

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