The Logistics for the Future through the Personal Helper (On-Demand Delivery)

True love. it’s such a complex topic. We as humans know it exists and we feel it every day. but how about Robots?

In the future, it will be electrical everything, as battery technology continue to improve exponentially in terms of size and weight as with all technology when it started such as computers and phones. Connecting the dots through the human touch will be more and more important due to the massive distractions the internet has caused, leaving less and less time to even go to the store and thinking of that. what will be the store of the future?

Wasn’t it fun to go to the corner store and see the butcher, or the baker, or how about the same cashiers at the grocery store? You would see the same faces over and over again and even if you didn’t chat with them, it was nice to see the same face day after day. You felt a sense of belonging like in the show “Cheers.”

However times have changed and more and more we are depending on technology for everything. As Artificial Intelligence technology converges with what we can do as humans, the interaction between humans with the basic tasks of getting your bread at the corner store will all be forgotten and a thing of the past. Robots and drivers will soon be how people get all their things, and quickly. Anxiety issues will continue to climb, especially since people need a sense of belonging, not just virtually, but humanly.

I will be making my best effort to transform how we do business by bringing back the personal touch, to remember that people still do like to speak with other people face to face and that will always be the case, even with the best of the best robots that will be programmed 100 or 1000 years from now, we will have the need for the personal touch and what we call love.

This is why I will continue to strive to provide the personal service touch in StayRunners, embarking on creating the largest network to communicate with other humans, to engage in the personal touch to get you Whatever Whenever Wherever 24/7 by a human who has a name, a heart, and a life. Because at the end of the day, a smile and a sincere thank you will never be replaced by a robot, for the simple fact we all have the spirit inside us and a soal that can be full of love or fear, two traits that go back to the Infinitum of the great good and hence prior to the creation of religion, similar to the robot, it was yet another man-made creation.

Graham Founder of StayRunners, 24/7 Whatever Whenever Wherever.

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