StayRunners 24 hour Liquor Delivery in Austin, Texas.

StayRunners 24 hour Liquor Delivery through Virtual Concierge.

 StayRunners 24 hour Liquor Delivery is a global network of ordinary people who are willing to be your Friend with a Fridge. Their primary aim is to ensure that citizens above age 21, never run out of alcohol or Vape at any point in time. StayRunners is a virtual delivery service in Austin, Texas that offers 24 hour Alcohol Delivery of any brand to your doorstep. Sounds cool right?! Buying alcohol from the Liquor store in Austin, Texas can be very challenging, especially when all the liquor stores are closed for the day and you are looking for one near you. but don’t worry, StayRunners got you covered.

How does StayRunners Delivery Service Operate?

StayRunners operates 24 hours!. A Friend with a Fridge is your personal virtual concierge. They are available any day, anytime and anywhere in the world. No matter what time it is, It doesn’t matter where you are in Austin Texas, A Friend with a fridge will be available to hand over some free booze, juice or cigarette in exchange for a delivery tip. It’s that simple! We deliver liquor, wine, beer to Hotels and Airbnb all you have to do is give us a call on +17782448695 or go to our website to complete an order form and one of our customer support agents will contact you to confirm your order and assign a runner who is closest to your location. Also, give a like and follow our Facebook page

Friends with Fridges 24 hour Delivery

A friend with a fridge, will purchase his or her liquor and cigarettes during normal business hours from licensed stores. He or she will deliver to your doorstep, any alcohol or cigarette brand of your choice. In exchange all you have to do is give them the agreed upon tip. All our runners usually keep the most popular brands in their fridge for their personal consumption. When needed, they hand it over to you after hours in exchange for a delivery tip. If you wish, you can also get Cigarette Delivery along with Alcohol.

Just add the details to our order form or simply speak to our customer support agent on a quick call. They will in turn pass your order to the runner closest to your location to purchase the cigarettes or liquor for you. You can also be a Friends with Fridges if you wanted to be our delivery driver.

Alcohol Delivery

Note: Liquor, alcohol, beer, cigarettes can only be delivered to you if you are over 21 years old and not intoxicated at the time of delivery.

How the Concept of StayRunners Liquor Delivery Started

I founded StayRunners in Vancouver,2018, two years after I lost my hotel in Mexico, Tulum. My hotel was stolen from me by a group of Mexican Thugs on June 17, 2016. They attacked me and raided my beachside paradise. It was written up in the New York TimesForbes, and the Globe and Mail.

I started with alcohol delivery because it happens that you run out and you can no longer get access to liquor at that point the only option left is to go over to a friend’s house or ask your neighbor which in most cases does not have also. But do not worry, StayRunners got you covered.

The primary aim of stayRunners is to provide quality customer and delivery service by delivering any brand of alcohol to your doorstep any day, anytime and anyplace and to prevent people from drinking and driving.

Looking for Alcohol Delivery in Austin? our Runners are always here for you.

Most people find us via Google when people enter into the search bar alcohol store near me or alcohol store open near me.

(Image above is a Runner in with a satisfied customer)

So, what are you waiting for? Order now and take advantage of this 24/7 delivery service.


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