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Vape ON-Demand Delivery Service / Introducing Fog Formulas premium flavored e-juice disposable Vape Vancouver / Burnaby / Surrey / Richmond / North Vancouver / West Vancouver

Vape ONDemand Delivery Service / Fog Formulas premium flavored e-juice disposable Vape

Premium Vapes Fast On Demand To your Door

Choose from 6 flavors of watermelon ice, pomegranate ice, guava ice, dragonfruit strawberry ice, rainbow clouds, and peach blue Rasberry, with a maxiumum nicotine strength!! the perfect amount from Fog Formulas premium product with premium juice that aims to surpass your expectations when it comes to vaping.

Brought to you by StayRunners Friends with Fridges across Lower Mainland Vancouver, Friends with Fridges have some of these premium awesome flavors for their own personal consumption and can gift you some of these premium vapes to you tonight in exchange for a TIP.

StayRunners On-Demand Delivery Service can connect you with a Friend with a Fridge in Vancouver / Surrey / West Vancouver / North Vancouver / Richmond and they can gift you one of these vapes for you usually within 30 to 45 minutes.

Friends with Fridges are late-night superheroes, like the Flash, Batman, Spiderman, and they zoom around town with Gifts like Santa Claus. All you need to do is give them a nice TIP as its their personal Vapes, all packaged nicely and untouched, but because the stores are closed or you ran out, they are there to save the night for you.

  • Some Friends with Fridges also have some Extra Liquor, Cannabis, and Beer kicking around their apartment, tent, house, or wherever they may be to get your night going on the right foot.

FOG FORMULAS (Series 1600 Flavoured Vapes)

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Fog Formulas flavored E-Juice Disposable Vapes On Demand Delivery Service for Your Enjoyment

Friends with Fridges love Fog Formula Vapes….here is what some of these late-night superheros are saying:

I was vaping with some Strawberry Ice, my favorite from Fog Formulas and next thing you know, there was a UBC Party and I Gifted the whole party 10 premium vapes (my favorite the FOG guava ice), some corona beer, and 3 joints of Cannabis Indika…they were all so happy when I got there! I gave up my last box of vapes I had to let these aspiring UBC Engineers, Lawyers, and Doctors in Training keep the Good Times going! Im so proud to be a Friend with Fridge with these flavored vape products…..Friends with Fridges : Batman

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The tip can range from $29 to $49 depending on the quality, number of Puffs. StayRunners have worked alot with Fog Formulas, a great brand of vapes.

StayRunners Friends with Fridges (Runners) are 24-hour superheroes. Fog Formulas offers many different flavours, including strawberry, peach, mint, and more.

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