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What is a Friend with a Fridge? StayRunners

In 5 years I have set myself on the goal of having Friends with Fridges across the Wolrd. Its such a big feat to accomplish, but I think this is what people want around the world and quit frankly need.

Lets just say you are from New York City, Manhattan, and you are headed down to Mexico, Tulum as a matter of fact. And you get there and now you need to find the best places to eat, to sleep, you want to be in the know with the locals to get the local vibe because this place has Vibe!!!

Well at this juncture of the blog, I want to say Welcome to Friends with Fridges! These late night superheroes are your local guy, that gets you Whatever Whenever Wherever 24/7. You need some 24 Hour Alcohol? Cigarettes? Food? They are there to cover you like this now but one day they will be there to pick you up at the airport, give you a nice private tour, get your groceries, arrange rides, rentals, and anything you need..

A Friend with a Fridge is your complete Package in one for your next Vacation!