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Welcome To StayRunners
After Hours Liquor Store
(Friends with Fridges)
Playa del Carmen

Welcome To StayRunners After Hours Liquor Store
(Friends with Fridges)
Playa del Carmen

PHONE# +529982816532


Whatever, Whenever, Wherever Delivered Fast 24/7 Guaranteed

The #1 Global Trusted Delivery Service

Enter what you would like delivered in the form below, then put your address and contact number and any other Information then Press Delivery Request. No Charge until You Confirm with one of Our StayRunners who will be in touch with you. Liquor, Groceries, Food, Juices, Convenience Items, Special Birthday Gift, Champagne and Anything On-Demand Delivery

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Let’s Save you the Time and Let us Keep the Good times Going for you and leave it to
StayRunners, your trusted Friends with Fridges Liquor Store in Playa del Carmen to make it happen for you.

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StayRunners is the

Accommodations Associated with StayRunners

We shall be adding soon the list of Accommodations associated with us.

On-Demand Groceries Special Gift for Birthday Wedding Food and Liquor Delivery

Hey Tulum! Get your groceries delivered to your doorstep. How about coffee, convenience items, we also do special gift delivery to anyone in Tulum even if you are overseas. We pick and shop for you and bring you your groceries for a reasonable fee. We also delivery Liquor, champagne wine and anything delivery. simply fill in what you want above and we will assign a runner and have clear communication so we get it right for you.



Maybe you have someone in Tulum enjoying the beach or a wedding or birthday event and you want to send them something special. Look no further. Our runners are specialized in following exactly what you want to give them. Maybe a Bottle of Mezcal? or Tequila or Champagne, and a simple delivery or maybe you want a nice card with some flowers or ribbons. We can even video the moment of delivery so you capture that special gifting moment of giving. fill in above what you want us to do and we will assign a runner and you pay on delivery.


Restaurants Pet Food Clothing  Pizza Beer Wine Tequila just contact us and lets make it happen for you now