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We Deliver drinks fast and usually within an hour with our Friends with Fridges. Whatever Whenever Wherever 24/7


Hungry, can’t go out to get your favourite food or they don’t deliver? We’ve got you covered! We pick up from any restaurant and food chain.
Satisfy your cravings with StayRunners food delivery service.


Groceries, convenience store items, gifts for your loved ones, office supplies, beauty products, and much more! Tell us what you need, we pick up and we deliver.

Stay Safe and enjoy dependable 24-hour delivery services

We deliver to you fast Whatever Whenever Wherever 24/7. Just fill in the form above Today’s lifestyle is hectic and people do not have spare time to go shopping and complete their daily routines. Here we come, as Stayrunners can guarantee you top-notch delivery service with experienced staff. We will offer you 24-hour drink delivery, 24-hour food delivery, and 24-hour delivery for various miscellaneous products.

With prompt, trustworthy, and diligent errand runners; you can always rely on us. We will ensure you that your task is complete on time and with satisfaction. We take great pride in our absolutely precise and consistent services being offered to our loyal customers.

What type of 24-hours delivery services and errand services we provide?

We, at StayRunners will provide you with anything you want at your doorstep and that too anytime! With us, you will be sure to get:

  • Guaranteed satisfactory services
  • Trustworthy and fully examined professionals
  • Reasonable rates and steadfast service
  • Stellar customer service
  • Trained runners

What follows are errand services offered by us:

24-hour Drink Delivery

With offer 24-hour drinks delivery, we have broken the barriers with high standards of our delivery service. You will be provided with alcohol anytime and anywhere you want and that is the plus point in choosing us as your errand runners. Many services will offer you booze till 11 pm but with Stayrunners, you will be getting your favorite spirit when you reach home.

Planning for a date-night or ice hockey night with friends but don’t have time to get your drinks?

24-hour food delivery

Planning a big night-in at your home and worried about food in the deep night? No more need to sweat about late-night cravings as our errand runners will write down your order, pick up your food, and deliver it to your doorsteps. All you have to do is to tell us about your order, when you want to get it picked from the restaurant, and at what time you want your food. Your food will be too hot to handle as our delivery staff is known for time-punctuation.

Reliability, punctuation, and cooperativeness are the qualities we demand while selecting the staff. Take advantage of our 24-hour food delivery services. Enjoy the evening as our errand staff will satisfy your specific order needs.

Whatever/wherever/ anything you want

We are just not limited to drinks and food as we will even pick up your groceries, convenience store items, medical supplies, and gifts for your loved ones to surprise them. If you urgently need office supplies and can’t go out, then just contact us and our errand service will satisfy your needs.

Order whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want to deliver; We at StayRunners, will fulfill your wish with satisfaction through our astonishingly excellent 24-hour delivery service.