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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - StayRunners

Is a Canadian Owned proprietary, owned by Graham Gordon Alexander, who has a network of friends around the world in his 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Network allowing friends to provide liquor to people and in places where there is a legal age limit for the consumption of alcohol, and those friends are not intoxicated, in exchange for a delivery fee. StayRunners Network makes a 50% referral fee on any profit and tips for any delivery from friends on the network and StayRunners will donate 50% of its net profits over time to help the community in which he is offering 24/7 Liquor Delivery for his network of friends.

StayRunners finds friends who want on-demand liquor delivery, we then connect that friend with a runner on the network, who is a friend with a fridge, who will give away any of his liquor for personal consumption, in exchange for a delivery fee. The Friend receiving the liquor must be over the legal drinking age limit in that area, and will not be intoxicated upon completing the delivery.

StayRunners receives on any liquor that is delivered by a friend with a fridge on his network, a 50% referral fee and 50% of any tips minus the cost of the delivery of the liquor of the friend on the network. The net profit is the total referral fees, minus the cost of search engine optimization, google ads, facebook ads, instagram ads, tinder ads, and any and all other local promotion and licensing to find friends on the network that will pay a delivery fee for receiving any liquor for free.

You can go to our website, any google search for liquor delivery near me, beer delivery near me, alcohol delivery near me, alcohol delivery near me, wine delivery near me, and delivery service or anything delivery near me, or click on anyone of our ads to become a friend on our network and receive liquor for free in exchange for a delivery fee. You must be over the legal drinking age limit in your area and you must not be intoxicated. All payments for delivery are paid on delivery in the form of cash, credit debit, paypal, etransfer, banktobank.

StayRunners is Available in Vancouver, Whistler, Montreal, Tulum, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and to open in over 100,000 cities and towns in tourist and metropolitan areas around the globe. We are looking for Friends with Fridges in your area and who are willing to give away some of the liquor for friends on the 24 Hour Liquor Delivery Friend Network in exchange for a delivery fee. Once we have a friend with a fridge in that area, we then commence the opening of a Google Business Page, a Facebook Business page with the name StayRunners On-Demand Delivery Service in that City or Town, obtain the first orders with our search engine optimization campaign, our google and facebook ad campaign, world of mouth, referral business and we commence to generate referral fees to our 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Network.